Wooden wand PRO (Standard Black) by Harry He & Bacon Magic – Trick


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Bacon Close Up Wand PRO designed by Harry He, produced by Bacon Magic. It made its debut in 2017, has won the praise of the majority of magic fans. Good material, good workmanship, good shape, during these six words, you can know the characteristics of this magic wand.

This magic wand made by two kinds of senior wood that are padauk and mkuruti. It has simple modeling, exquisite workmanship and comfortable feel, is worth collecting. Each wand comes with a portable flannelette bag.

Appearance design:
We adopted integrated design to make the Bacon Close Up Wand PRO. The magic wand is endowed with the original wood texture, showing the beauty of solid wood as much as possible.

Taking inspiration from magnolia, Harry He added touching curve design and intelligent curved top to both ends of the magic wand, which changes the old style of the magic wand, makes it more primitive and rich in meaning.

Wood selection:
Pure wooden props are very afraid of short weight. Bacon Close Up Wand PRO is made by padauk and mkuruti. These two kinds of wood have large density, high hardness, moth-proof corrosion resistance and are not easy to deformation, the finished product made by these two kinds of wood has enough weight and not too heavy, whether holding or rotating will bring much enjoyment.

With the use, the magic wand will get the patina, it not only make your props more texture, but also show the audience the precipitation of years.

Hand feeling:
The length and weight of the magic wand have been repeatedly tested. It has reasonable counterweight, moderate length, and comfortable feel. When you make some moves such as The Drummer’s Spin, you don’t need to worry about the weight of the ends of the magic wand.

In addition, we also carefully prepared two sizes for you to choose: thick and thin. The length of the magic wand is 32cm, the diameter of the thick wand is about 1.2cm, and the diameter of the thin wand is about 1.0cm.

Production process:
Good wood and design must be matched by the exquisite craftsmanship of the craftsman. Every Wand has gone through the selection of material, degreasing, drying, molding, grinding, anti-corrosion, waxing and other innovative processes.

Whether you use it for a formal performance or just playing with it, this beautifully crafted professional close-up magic wand will make you satisfied.

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Wooden wand PRO (Standard Black) by Harry He & Bacon Magic - Trick


  • CAD: CAD$12.94

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