The Uncanny Yarn (Green) by Steve Hart


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More than 45 years ago the now defunct British company Supreme Magic released an Ali Bongo idea under the name “Natty Nitting”. It used a clever specially gimmicked ball of yarn that can almost immediately be transformed into a miniature sweater. When brainstorming with Steve Hart he mentioned a routines that he was doing with this prop that is both entertaining as well as surprising.

The problem was that the needed special ball of yarn was almost impossible to find and attempts to re-create it is the US were plagued by insanely high costs. I’ve now had them manufactured in four colors overseas in excellent quality.

You have a choice between red, yellow, blue and green.

Several routines are included that make use of one or more of these special balls of yarn.

This is a versatile prop, and its uses are limited only by your imagination.

Steve Hart’s routine goes as follows:

Performer drops a ball of yarn into a paper bag. He then displays several cards which have items of clothing written on them, e.g. sock, mitten, bib, sweater, slipper etc. One of the cards is selected by a spectator. Knitting needles are added to the bag and the bag is shaken a few times. Out from the bag comes a sweater which matches the selected card. The bag of course is now empty except for the knitting needles and can be examined.

Additional routines are supplied.

The wool/sweater and written instructions included, (no knitting needles or cards included)

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The Uncanny Yarn (Green) by Steve Hart


  • CAD: CAD$77.94

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