The Dark Room (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Dominique Duvivier – Trick


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Will you dare to enter the Dark Room?

A great classic revisited by Dominique Duvivier

Answers from Dominique Duvivier to questions about his routine:

Q: “How did you come to create your routine “Dark Room? What brought you to this concept? Can you tell us the story of your thinking and the trick that came out of it?”

A: For many years, I manipulated the pins by studying the different routines already created (Jerry Andrus, Garcia, Slydini, Bloom…), without ever being satisfied with what I was giving with these small objects that always fascinated me. The idea of the “Linking Rings” that doesn’t make any noise, no doubt! Lol.

In fact, it is especially with the technical level that I thought it was possible to go further than the existing solutions. The size of the pins, the possibility of hiding them, of adding to them, of substituting one for the other: it seemed to me these were a favourable playground for exploring new horizons!

So I started by soaking up what had already been created on the subject in order to build up a “visual heritage”, if I may say so.
For my new routine Dark Room, I went with the idea of exploiting the concept of the jacket pocket (a real bottomless well, which opened up so many possibilities for me!). To justify the principle of going into the pocket, I imagined a scenario around the concept of “Dark Room”, like the time when one could only develop photos in the dark: I plunge my pins into a dark room, symbolized by my pocket, and things happen. Hop, I had my basis to go much further!
After having found a good technical potential to make the trick evolve, I asked myself the question: what could be better? That’s how I came up with the idea to weld my pins to handle them for examination!

Q:”Will the pins be big enough to be seen by the audience?”

A: Yes, the pins are the right size (by the way, it took me a long time to find the right supplier) and they should be able to fool an audience placed at a reasonable distance from the magician. Finally, if you want to perform in a stadium, it won’t fit, just know it! (…)

Q:”Is it a reissue, or is it new material? (new finishes, etc…)

A: It is both a reissue and at the same time new material. I got a slightly larger model this time than the previous one and the welded pins are even better than before. Also I have “remastered” my routine (as always) and I think those who had the old version will appreciate the new one.

Video instructions online.

We provide you with a complete set of pins, including 3 regular pins in addition to the special pins necessary to perform “Dark Room“. This will allow you to handle the pins for examination, and perform virtually all the “classic” safety pin routines!

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The Dark Room (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Dominique Duvivier - Trick


  • CAD: CAD$30.55

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