The American Prayer Vase Genie Bottle BLACK MAMBA by Big Guy’s Magic- Trick


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The American Prayer Vase “BLACK MAMBA” (The only genie bottle with the magic carpet™) by Big Guy’s Magic

Big Guy’s Magic is proud and excited to bring to the magic community a fresh new look, and major improvement, for the classic Prayer Vase/Genie Bottle effect. Place the end of a rope (included) into the bottle and watch as the invisible Genie inside grabs it and holds on tight! And then watch as he lets go at your command!

Our vase is a beautiful, professional prop you will be proud to display and perform. The unique design offers additional features previously unavailable: The vase geometry itself allows for an extremely light touch when performing this trick, making it look all-the-more impossible. And we’ve incorporated the Magic Carpet™ into the design to quiet any talking that the gimmick might do. These improvements make the effect not only easy to perform, but allow handlings that look truly magical. And to answer the question that everybody’s been asking: Yes, it is indeed a real Magic Carpet™.

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Also available in four other color styles.

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The American Prayer Vase Genie Bottle BLACK MAMBA by Big Guy's Magic- Trick


  • CAD: CAD$32.50

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