SHAMROCK CUP Half – by Chazpro Magic – Trick


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Effect: With the Shamrock Cup, coins vanish and appear. There is no end to the possibilities. Coins vanish one at a time or 2, 3 or 4. Coins travel from one location to another. This item is a creative and novel variation on the coin cup. The cup allows the performer to dump out 1, 2, 3 or four coins, depending on how the cup is turned over. Coins magically fly out of and back into the cup, vanish, or appear.

  • Includes bonus routine from Aldo Colombini and Chuck Leach.
  • Use with U.S. half dollars or English pennies. (Provide your own coins).
  • Easy to do. No difficult sleights.
  • Extremely limited edition!

Chuck Leach of Chazpro made a related set of coin cups around 1995. I found them advertised in the July 1995 issue of Genii Magazine, which headlined: “Introducing Chuck Leach’s Leprechaun Cups”. The Leprechaun Cups and came in a three different varieties. The Shamrock Cup is tricked out somewhat like a slot-box Okito box, except that it is taller and is gimmicked to allow several coins to be held back at once (up to five). Each coin can then be released one at a time, or in groups, at the whim of the performer. The Lots-A-Coins cup provides a “Lota Bowl” effect for coins, allowing up to 9 coins to be released one at a time or all at once. The Leprechaun Sucker Cup completes the set. It looks just like the other cups, but is too narrow to fit any coins and is not gimmicked.

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  • Cup
  • Beautiful velvet bag
  • Detailed instructions


All cups are sold separately, large coin is sold separately as well.

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SHAMROCK CUP Half - by Chazpro Magic - Trick


  • CAD: CAD$63.70

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