Milk Tex (Fake Milk) by Murphy’s Magic Supplies – Trick


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Milk Tex is the perfect substitution for using real milk in your act. Milk Tex (also known as Fake Milk) looks just like real milk however, it will not spoil or curdle.

The bottle is equipped with a safety plug to prevent spillage in travel. As well, the flip-cap has a dropper hole to prevent waste. This is a super concentrated formula and will last you many years! Safe to use with any style milk pictures and glasses.

  • Milk Tex will not spoil!
  • Milk Tex does not need refrigeration!
  • Milk Tex looks exactly like real milk!
  • Milk Tex cleans up easily using only water!

Size: 2oz bottle

WARNING: Milk Tex is not fit for human (or animal) consumption!

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Milk Tex (Fake Milk) by Murphy's Magic Supplies - Trick


  • CAD: CAD$7.15

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