Master Cups and Balls (Silver) by TCC – Trick


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Blending the mirror effect with the cups, A Stunning Brilliance from all perspectives.

Limited to 1000 sets. Public Sales for 600 Sets (International). Never manufactured once sold out.

Each set of Master Cups and Balls comes with an exclusive limited card and an exquisite storage bag.

Cup and ball routines have long been central to our product series. Starting from our initial cup and ball project in 2017, we’ve consistently evolved and updated these classics. Every change and experiment we’ve undertaken has garnered widespread recognition, guiding us to discover areas where improvements can be made.

For our 13th anniversary, we are reinterpreting the cup and ball, pushing beyond our previous concepts and focusing on texture and user experience – introducing the Master Cups And Balls 13th Anniversary Limited Edition.

This time, we utilize an innovative metal fusion technique. Seamlessly integrating the mirror effect with the cups brings out a dazzling brilliance from every angle.

This 13th Anniversary Edition stands apart in craftsmanship. After multiple iterations and detailed sampling, these Master Cups And Balls represent a new and exquisite creation.

While preserving the defining features of its predecessors, we’ve refined the pure materials and classic dimensions. Available in the classic Radiant Gold and Mirrored Silver colors.


  • Comprehensive Line Optimization: Our development process experimented with various templates to achieve the perfect curvature and ensure a seamless overall appearance.
  • Radiant Gold cups are crafted from brass, both inside and out, undergoing three processing stages and secondary manual polishing. This process balances the weight, ensuring comfortable handling and ease of operation.
  • Mirrored Silver cups attain a mirror-like finish by combining brass and chromium. After over ten sampling iterations, weight control remains consistent.
  • More Upright Appearance: These cups offer a tactile and weighty feel when held.
  • When stacked, they hold three accompanying small balls.


  • 3 meticulously crafted Master Cups.
  • 4 deep red balls with solid wood cores.


  • Knit ball: Red knitted.
  • Silver cup: Brass core + Silver-chromium surface layer.
  • Gold cup: Brass core + Gold-copper surface layer.


  • Knit ball: 5.5g, diameter 27mm.
  • Single silver cup: 260g; Outer diameter of cup mouth 80mm, inner diameter of cup mouth 69mm.
  • Complete set of silver cups: 1,043g.
  • Single gold cup: 253g; Outer diameter of cup mouth 80mm, inner diameter of cup mouth 69mm
  • Complete set of gold cups: 1,020g

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Master Cups and Balls (Silver) by TCC - Trick


  • CAD: CAD$195.00

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