Fully Naked ESP by MindFX – Trick


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“The Fully Naked ESP cards are truly remarkable in method. The system is so clean it’s sanitary.”
Matthew N.

The world’s most elegant yet innocent marked ESP deck in existence!

Since it was first released, Michael Murray’s ‘Beyond ESP’ marked ESP deck was hailed by many as the ultimate marked ESP deck in existence. After years of development, Michael Murray is proud to release the next evolution in ESP marking systems.

Redesigned from the ground up, this newly designed system is more elegant than ever before. There is no longer any need to count the corners, instead, you will instantly be able to identify (or locate) any of the symbols, even if the cards are in a spread condition.

Unlike almost every set of ESP cards in existence, these cards do not contain any back design at all. Instead, they have been left plain, with exception of a simple border which renders the devious marking system invisible to the untrained eye.

These cards have been extensively tested and even those with poorer eyesight have been able to read them without issue.

Printed on high quality, superior smooth card stock this set contains 25 red cards and 25 black cards (five of each symbol per colour) along with a whole host of additional gimmicked cards that will open up a whole new world of routining possibilities. Among these gaffs is an incredible new gimmicked card which has never been seen before.

Coupled with this package you will also receive a pdf booklet which details two of the most astounding ESP routines that you will ever learn (‘Jazz Mentalism’ by Dave Humphrey & ‘Sweet force of mine 2.0’ by Peter Turner).

  • Printed on superior quality smooth card stock.
  • Includes two double-faced cards, one double backed card, one card with all symbols printed upon it and one highly unique overlap card.
  • The deck comes housed in a metal storage tin for added protection.

Note: There are no routines included for the gaffed cards, these are included solely to inspire your creativity!

“I have always loved Michael’s ESP decks. And I’ve been so excited to get my hands on these. I bought 2! They’re super easy to read and great quality. Best ESP cards on the market!”
Chris W.

The cards are clear and the simple design underwrites their ‘research tool’ hereditary. Their tin box container distinguishes them from playing cards, distancing any thought of ‘card trick.'”
John Y.

“I’ve tried several different ESP cards over the years but these are undoubtedly the best. The excellent routine ‘Jazz Mentalism’ is included with the purchase (which may be the only ESP effect you ever need to learn) When you combine the best cards with the best routine then this really is an essential purchase.”
Martin P.

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Fully Naked ESP by MindFX - Trick


  • CAD: CAD$52.00

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