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God Mode Sui Generis 2 contains two books in one. The first part of the book teaches various new prop-less principles, ideas and effects utilising colours, numbers and words to create miracles in the minds of those who you perform for. The second part of the book reveals Fraser’s latest work on his ground-breaking “Sui Generis” principle, as well as includes work from Ross Bartels and Perna, which detail various effects, ideas and uses for the principle. You will not need to own the original “Sui Generis” to be able to perform what is taught in this book. Also included in this release is Fraser’s updated streamline handling for his ‘Card At Any Number’ effect entitled “Azlan”, as well as an idea to turn this into an ‘Any Card At Any Number’ effect.

You will receive a hard-back book the same size and format as “Sui Generis”. A5 full colour matt finish cover with 231 pages of content at size 11 font.

Contents include:

Foreword by Perna
Introduction by Fraser
Elymas – 2 Colours Prop-less Star Sign
Outs for Nailing The Exact Star Sign
Mambres – 2 Colour Prop-less Drawing Duplication
Change Up
Simon Magus – 3 Colours Streamline Colour
Solomon – 3 Objects ‘Trojan’
Zoroaster – 3 Colours Alternative
Iannes – Think of a Number
Mahabharat – Utilising the Number Outs
Alternative Handling
Spectator as Mind Reader: Reverse Pin
Which Hand? Using Number Force
Zosimos – Multiple Spectator Numbers
Forcing the Number 9
Coincidence as the Out
Yogi – No Cards Book Test
Azlan – Card At Any Number Update
Abaris – Which Hand? Image Swap
Second Spectator
Atomus – 2 Items Verbal Force
3 Items Verbal Force
Vyasa – Which Hand? Whisper
Virgil – Which Hand? 3 Phase
Sui Alphabet Cards – Prop-less Image Guess
The Sui Generis Principle
Fishing for the Image
Utilising the number of Letters
Extended Alphabet Cards
Sui Generis Eman – Prop-less Reverse Name Guess
Two-Way Written Out Novel Ploy
Reverse Name Guess Extended Version
A Note on using the Extended Versions
Two Person Telepathy – Drawing Match Up
Alternative Colour Force
Linking Thoughts

Guest Contributions:

Sui Name Guess by Ross Bartels
Ode to Steve by Perna
Quick, Bold Name Guess by Ross Bartels
Sui Spy by Ross Bartels
Sui Sentences by Ross Bartels
The Gifted Man by Ross Bartels
Degrees of Sui by Ross Bartels

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God Mode Sui Generis 2 by Fraser Parker - Book


  • CAD: CAD$195.00

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