Artificial Intelligence Book Test Volume 1 – This Book Will Figure You Out by Jason Messina – Book


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The Artificial Intelligence Book Test – The Book That Does All The Work

Imagine you hand a friend a book called Instant Personality Test. Each page of the book has a short question and depending on how your friend answers the question, they are directed to different pages.

The questions are kind of strange and have nothing to do with when they are born or their astrological sign. But once they complete the Instant Personality Test, the book will tell them their astrological sign!

Can Be Repeated With Different Results

You explain that the book calculates someone’s astrological sign based on the answers to their questions. You hand the book to a different person and based on their different answers, the book tells another person their sign, even if it is different from the first person’s sign. The outcome can be different based on who answers the questions – unless those two people have the same sign!

It really does seem like the book is calculating their sign in real time. We have used this to fool a room full of magicians – one after another would use the book and it would tell them their individual sign – no one had a clue.

In the past, you could not perform a star sign revelation for someone you know because you already know their sign. Now, using the Artificial Intelligence Book Test, it appears the book is telling them what their sign is based on how they answer the questions. Unlike most effects, the more you repeat it, the more amazing and believable the effect becomes.

Focus On Audience Member

All the focus is on the spectator. The performance is really a non-performance — the spectator does all the work by giving answers to funny questions. The reveal at the end is icing on the cake. The book does all the work while the performer sits back and enjoys the ride with the rest of the audience.

The New Wave Of Book Tests

Inspired by an obscure Paul Harris idea and thrown in the blender with a Choose Your Own Adventure book format and mixed with the popular concept of online quizzes. From all these, you now have the Artificial Intelligence Book Test series. The book doesn’t act as a tool to select things like in regular book tests, but rather provides a novel way to reveal information about the spectator.

Endless Possibilities

We have begun exploring additional methods and effects to be explored in future editions. In a way, just like Artificial Intelligence which keeps learning and self-adapting, so have these book tests. Future editions will deal with Revealing Thought of Cards, Which Hand Plot, Any Card At Any Number, Drawing Duplications, Cold Reading, Card To Impossible Location, and more.

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Artificial Intelligence Book Test Volume 1 - This Book Will Figure You Out by Jason Messina - Book


  • CAD: CAD$51.94

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