The Four Seasons White Boxset Playing Cards


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As one of the most traditional folk arts in China, the art of paper cut can be seen from festivals to days of blessing. lt’s not only one of the folkways to express miss and emotion, but also our common memories. To distinguish from other playing cards that depict seasons and scenery,we employ paper cut as the core style of Four Seasons and closely focus on paper cut in graphic design, craft, and creativity.

White Box Set: The glittering shine is a perfect match with the beautiful design.

The collector’s box is greatly enhanced in three ways. The first upgrade is that we split the front hollow pattern from two layers into five layers, with each layer spaced 4mm apart. lt is the optimal number of layers and spacing derived during the design process. Each layer is paired with a different pattern, together forming an extremely spacious and elegant collector’s box in the end.

Another enhancement of the box is the addition of a new dimension: “Light” Under the light, the edges of the paper carving leave shadows, and every detail of the five layers of paper carving is more easily captured. We can clearly see the flower, bird, and butterfly patterns on the top.

Finally, there is a little switch, hidden in the paper carving. lt also conceals the experience of collecting ARK works, which we always value. The light is switched on and off by a magnetic sensor. This ensures that when the box isopened, the lights are automatically turned on. When the box is closed, the lights automatically turn off The ritual of interacting with the playing cards is handed over to you.

From simple to complex, from flat to more and more three dimensional, from the same brightness to present the jaggedness of light and shadow, to the interaction between the box switch and the light, the collector’s box can have quite a stunning display in any scene.


  • Two decks: black and white
  • Limited to 888 with a numbered seal
  • Chinese-style paper cut theme
  • Paper cut theme mechanism box
  • Light projection box
  • Pioneering cold foil printing technology

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The Four Seasons White Boxset Playing Cards


  • CAD: CAD$156.00

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