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Included are photos and a VIDEO of Paul’s red/black separation shuffle that will fool all magicians!

This is the third eBook in the series of Classic Card Magic. Keep up with this series of KILLER card magic! Paul presents SIX more amazing classics of card magic complete with details of performance, PATTER, and methodology!

Paul’s INTRODUCTION is a “must read” for performers to understand how and why these classics are SO important!! Look what is included below!

OUT OF THIS WORLD: Considered by many to be the finest card trick ever devised. This easy-to-do rendition is performed entirely by the spectator and will make their jaws DROP!! Included is a VIDEO and many photos to make this effect SO EASY to perform… and the false shuffle video is extraordinary!

AMBITIOUS CARD: Paul takes you through a detailed explanation of each step, the psychology of each step, and why this is the MOST performed card effect of all time!

POKER MENTAL: This classic will fool any magician who doesn’t know the simple secret! This is a thrilling Poker demo that is combined with ESP. Paul’s easy rendition uses no sleights, and fools EVERYONE.

INSIDE-OUT ACES: Paul takes this classic, by Leipzig and Doc Daley, to new heights! This inexplicable routine concludes with an impossible ending that will leave your spectators – speechless! This one is fantastic!

“CONUS” ACES: This rarely “played” classic can be performed close-up, cabaret, or stage! The four Aces travel, transform and jump into the spectator’s pocket! Easy to do!

THE 5 CARD MATCH: This completely self-working effect combines an impossible match with a topological effect.

Everything is COMPLETELY CONTROLLED by the spectator, and is so cleverly designed, even the most experienced magicians will be fooled – and badly! Paul performed this for Jerry Mentzer at his home in South Carolina, years ago, and Jerry begged Paul for the easy-to-do secret! It became Jerry’s “go to” effect! Now you have an effect that you can use with those “old” playing cards laying around the house!

Download the eBook and videos and enjoy learning these great effects!

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Classic Card Magic III by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD


  • CAD: CAD$15.60

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